Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Saturday

Today is finally Saturdy. I love Saturdays!! I get to sleep in until at least 7:30am. A lot later than the normal 5:45 that I get up during the week. We just relaxed around the house this morning until I had to take Karson to our friend Sara Harrell's birthday party at the YMCA. When we picked her up at 3:00pm then we decided to take the kids bowling. This is the first weekend that Jamie has been off in about 4 weeks, so we wanted to do something with the kids. There was nothing good showing at the movies. When we arrived at the bowling alley and paid, we set off for our lane. I proceeded to go to the restroom. When I came out Jamie and Zachary were gone and Karson and Andrew were freaking out, Saying something about Zachary and the ball falling on him and blood everywhere. I finally found them in the men's restroom and Zachary was covered in blood. Zachary had dropped the ball and then fallen head first on top of it. He busted his lip and his nose. His clothes were covered. Since they are all potty trained I no longer carry extra clothes. Luckily someone had given me a 24 month shirt for Ryan the other day and it was still in my car. He had to wear it even though it was waaay to small. The kids really enjoyed bowling and of course Jamie won. After we left we went to drive through Return to Bethlehem at Bethel. It was great but rainy and cold. Anyway I did not take my camera so I have no pictures of us bowling, but I am going to have to remember to take my camera with us all the time for my blog updates.


Natalie Kellett said...

oh my goodness. poor Zachary. I hope he is ok. I'll pray for him. Glad you guys got to spend a family day together.

Summer said...

I hope Zachary is okay. I hate that, but it sounds like you guys had a good time. We were going to go to Bethel but I wasn't sure if they would still have it because of the weather.

Summer said...

i am sorry you didn't get to go to Zachary's party. Was it the same time as yours?