Monday, February 11, 2008

Jamie's Grandma

I know some people may be offended by these pictures, but I really wanted them on here so that I would have them forever. Saturday we took the kids to Gaffney to see Jamie's grandmother. The place she is at is called Brookview and she is sharing a room with one other person. It is not as nice as the first place and she looked really bad. Jamie and I both left in tears like we do everytime that we go and see her. Zachary being only 3 has no realization of how sick she actually is, he will just climb in bed with her and lay forever, where as Karson will not even come in the room.

Need to Vent

Okay, I need to vent a few minutes tonight. I encourage anyone who is thinking of having three children to not read any further in this post. Anyway, having an odd number of kids stinks. Have you ever heard the saying two is company, three is a crowd, this is true of children also. When there is only two they can play so nicely and no one gets left out. The minute all three of them are together they immediatly start choosing sides. It normally goes something like this: Karson ask one of the boys to be her best friend, the boy who agrees then goes along with Karson and those two gang up against the boy who is not her best friend. Well tonight Karson and Andrew were best friends and Zachary got left out. He came in from outside crying that no one would be his friend. The other two then came inside and continued to play together while Zachary cried " I want to play with my friend Brynn". I then told Zachary that I would be his friend and we were going to make cupcakes together. Karson and Andrew then decided that they wanted to be his friend again. I may have been wrong, but I told them to go and play by themself because they choose to be ugly to Zachary.
While I am on the subject of children let me tell you that I just walked in a few minutes ago and found my two precious boys climbing on grandma's dresser and jumping off onto her bed. I almost lost it. Instead they are now sitting in time out.
Anyone who wonders why I don't post often now knows that I spend most of my nights while Jamie is at work being a referee of three children.

Zachary helping me mix the cupcakes.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Last Sunday Jamie and I decided to take the kids to the circus. Like usual I waited until the last minute to buy the tickets, mainly because I wasn't sure if Jamie was going to be off or not. I ended up buying the tickets on Saturday night and I got really good seats for the 12:30 show on Sunday. Keep in mind that it is Super Bowl Sunday and we had to be back at church for Preschool Choir at 4:00. The kids really enjoyed the show, and even more Jamie and I enjoyed it. I now know why it is called the Greatest Show on Earth.