Friday, June 26, 2009

Zachary's 5th Birthday

Okay I am officially a procrastinator. My poor 3rd child Zachary turned 5 years old way back on March 8th. On his actual birthday we did go out to eat at Mellow Mushroom with some friends and had a cookie cake but we didn't do presents.

The Birthday Boy and Brynn

We were very busy having our consignment sale and going to Disney around his actual birthday so I didn't plan a party and said I would do it when we got back from Disney but life happened and I didn't get it done. In May when the girls and I went to the Women Of Joy Conference we decided that I should give him a pool party at Tracy's and we even set a date for a Saturday in June. All the kids were so confused about why Zachary was having another birthday already. He himself was confused and thought we were just having a swim party at Ms.Tracy's not a birthday party. I did not get around to inviting anyone from his class but we still had 13 kids and it was so fun. The kids and adults played in the pool all afternoon and Brad even grilled us some fantastic chicken wings for dinner!! Next year I promise to do better:)

Baby Addie loves the pool!!

Zoe doing a flip off the diving board.

Andrew doing a flip!

Brynn splashing

Jake shooting someone with the water gun

Braeden trying to squirt Brynn with water

Zachary playing with the float


The girls eating
Andrew and Noah
Yummy cupcakes
Jake eating cheetos
Braeden and Zoe
Getting ready for the candles

His favortie present a Wolverine Costume!!! He put it on as soon as we got home that night, in fact he kept asking when we were going to leave Ms. Tracy's so we could go home and put it on! The boy loves his costumes. Thanks You Brynn:)
Thank You Ms. Tracy and Mr. Brad for letting us use your pool for our late birthday party!! You are the best!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Awards Day

On Monday Andrew's class had an Awards Day Presentation in their classroom. Jamie and I were both able to go. He is always so excited to have us come to his school. He recieved an award for having All A's & B's all year long. He also recieved an award for having Perfect Attendance this school year. I can't believe we didn't miss a day of school all year long. There were many days that he said that he didn't feel well but I sent him to school and he was always fine as soon as school was over. His teacher this year was so nice and had some great things to say about him. She said that he was a great reader and worked hard when giving a task to keep him busy. He has came along way this year with his reading and we are so proud of him. Keep up the good work!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Andrew's Tooth

Last week Andrew came home from school and said that his top tooth had been hurting and bleeding all day at school. When I looked at it I could tell that one side of it was just hanging and the other side was attached still. I wiggled and he screamed for about 20 minutes and it wouldn't budge. It was still just hanging there. I called the dentist and they said that they could see me the next day at noon. When we got there they ended up pulling both of his top front teeth. It was a major ordeal but I am glad I didn't have to do it. He is my first child to have both of his front teeth missing at the same time and I love it. It is just so cute!!

Dance Recital

The last Saturday of soccer Karson had to miss her game because it was the day of her dance recital. She has been taking dance from Teele's this year and she loved it. She took a Jazz and Pom Pom class. They learned two dances to preform on the night of her recital. We were only allowed to take pictures during the dress rehearsal the night before but that was okay. At least I got some pictures. Brynn was dancing also so we got to watch her too. Ms. Rhonda and Ella Kate also came to watch her dance along with Nana. She did a great job!! I think this style of dance is for her. She loves to shake her hips!!! After the recital was over we gave her some flowers and took her out to eat at Olive Garden.

K4 Graduation

My baby graduated from K4 this year. I am so sad!! I can't believe that I no longer have a preschooler. I didn't get as emotional during the graduation ceremony as I thought I would but it was sad never the less. I think in August when he starts kindergarten is when it will finally sink in that he is no longer going to school with me everyday.

The night of his program he was so excited because everyone was coming to watch him. He was especially excited because Brynn was coming.
He said that he had to sing very good for her. He sang every song and smiled from ear to ear. My favorite song they sang was I wish I had a little red box to put my mommy in, I'd take her out and KISS KISS KISS and put her back again. That little song just makes me smile everytime I hear it. Ms. Laura does such a great job teaching the kids music that they like!!

Singing the bumblee bee song

Saying the Lord's Prayer

After they sang some songs they played a slide show of memories of the year while the kids changed into their gowns.

Zachary & Clay

They then came back on the stage and received their diplomas.

Anderson Mill Rd Early Learning Center K4 and K5 graduation

Afterwards we went back to their classrooms and took a few pictures in the cap and gown.

Zachary and Ms. Sophie

Zachary & Daddy

Zachary & Mommy

Braeden, Brycen, Zachary, and Jake

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day I woke up to the smell of something good cooking and my husband not in bed with me. This is so amazing because never once in our marrigae has he gotten up without me getting him up!! The kids had woken him up and they cooked breakfast for me. I got to get up and take my shower and get ready without any interuptions. He took care of everything. I did have to fix Karson's hair because it was a church day. After church Nana, G, Sam, and Ryan all came over for lunch. Jamie had fixed a pot roast the night before and Nana brought macaroni and cheese and Ginger and Sam fixed broccoli and cauliflower. We had a great time together. After lunch the kids gave me a card from them and a new planner. My old one ends in June so I had mentioned that I needed a new one just in conversation and my husband remembered and that is what he got me!! Karson also made me a card at school, Andrew made me a flower pot and Zachary drew a picture of me. I have been blessed with three of the best kids and the most amazing husband in the whole world!!! Karson, Andrew, Zachary, and Jamie I love you and thank you for a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!