Friday, February 27, 2009

Breakfast with Daddy

This morning Karson and Andrew's school had their annual breakfast with daddies. Even though Jamie did not go to bed until after 2am he still got up at 6:45am to go and have breakfast with his kiddos. He is the best and he wouldn't have missed it for anything. The kids were so excited not only to go to breakfast with dad, but just to see dad in the morning is a treat at our house!! Zachary even got the chance to go along this year since he is getting to be a "big" boy.

The Circus

Okay so I am just a little behind and I am trying to catch up. A few weeks ago the circus came to town and we decided to take the kids. It was a last minute decision but I got online and found tickets on Sunday afternoon 4 rows from the front for $12. I thought this was a great deal and we couldn't resist. The kids had a blast and loved to scream Zing Zang Zoom anytime that they did magic. It was also Nana's first circus and she loved it as much as the kids did!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


The Countdown has began for our Spring Break trip to Disney World. This time we are going with some great friends, the Laneys and Cotherans. I am not making shirts this time and I have most of our stuff planned. I have a few more things to do before we leave but I am getting very excited. The next 30 days will go by very fast because we have so much to do, we are moving to our new church and having our cosignment sale before we leave. Ticker
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Newest Addition!!

Update: The baby has went back to be with his mom. She got upset with me because I would not let her come to live with me and she decided to come and get the baby. She is still going to jail, I just have to be patient and wait. Her court date is the end of April and I will be there!!

On Saturday we got an unexpected but much loved addition to our family of five. My brother and his girlfriend had a baby about 4 months ago. My brother has been in jail since she found out she was pregnant and will not get out until late May. On Friday I got a phone call asking if I could take the baby for awhile because the mother was in trouble. Of course I said yes because I would never turn away an innocent baby. So on Saturday night the grandma came to drop of this adorable 4 month old baby boy named Clayton and all of his belongings. Right now we don't know how long he is staying, but we are taking it month to month. Please be in prayer for our whole family as we adjust to having a new baby around and pray for my brother and the baby's mother that they will get their lives straight and take care of this baby the way he needs to be or make the decision to leave him with me forever.