Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hannah Montana 3-D

The only people who will appreciate the significance of this show are parents of preteens. We couldn't afford to go to the concert, we missed the movie the one night that it was out at Carmike, but we were not going to miss the Hannah Montana 3-D movie. Karson has been waiting for the past three weeks to see this very special movie event. We went to Wal-Mart in June to get our 3D glasses and we had it on our calendar. All day today all the kids have talked about tonight was the special day. We decided to have a party!! We cooked our own personal pizzas, popped popcorn and baked cookies. We had a blast and the movie was not to bad. It was a movie of her concert that is so popular and sold out all over the US. On a side note: One week until we leave for DISNEY!!!

Gospel Magic Camp

This past week Karson went to a camp at church called Gospel Magic Camp. It was led by Magician Steve Holt and she went everyday from 10-12. On Thursday night they had a Magic Show showing all the tricks that they had learned during the week at the Spartanburg Children's Shelter. The shelter unfortunately only had 3-4 kids on this particular night. The Magician started by doing a few tricks. Karson was picked first to help him. She held his hat while he did a few tricks. Then a few minutes later Zachary was chosen to help with another magic trick. He was so excited, because all week he had asked while he couldn't go to magic camp. He did okay until at the very end the magician asked him to hold an imaginary block and he said there is nothing there so he wasn't going to hold it. It was quite funny!! Afterwards the kids from the camp got to show one trick that they had learned from the week. About half of the kids did one trick and the other half did another one. So needless to say after the first two tricks it got pretty boring. Karson and two other girls did the two card Monty. This is where you have two cards and put one behind your back and you magically turn the card behind your back into the card you have in your hand. Actually quite amazing until you find out how it is done. After all the magic we had cookies and juice to end the night. Thank you to Nana for going with us!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Last Shirt

I just finished my last shirt for Disney. I was not able to find matching green shirts so they are all a little different in color but I think it is okay. I have exactly one week from today to be finished packing, because my dad is leaving and he is driving our luggage down with him. I am so excited that all I think about lately is Disney. Everyday I wake up and think only x number more days until we leave. The good think is that we are going to be very busy up until the day that we leave which helps the time go by faster.

Happy Birthday Summer!!

I would like to wish a Happy 25th Birthday to my very good friend Summer Laney. Thank you for always being a great friend.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

24 days and Shirts are Done

I have been ironing since noon today, but I have finally finished my shirts for Disney. I made 38 shirts total and only messed up one. I am going to have to redo one of Jamie's because it has a big scorched spot on it. I say that I am done, but as I was finishing up and looking at which days we were going to wear them on I decided that I should make one more so that we would have on for each day. So I will be out tomorrow trying to find matching green shirts to make an Animal Kingdom design. We only have 24 days left and I have way too much to do!!!! Yesterday I worked all day on finalizing our itineraries so that I could take them to work with me next week and laminate them.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Beach Pictures

We had so much fun at the Beach during the 4th of July. We arrived on Sunday evening and just ate dinner and went to bed. On Monday morning we got up and took the kids to the beach and then we showered and took them to a kids night at the camp site and we went and ate at Logan's. On Wed afternoon we went to a local water park. Karson and Andrew really surprised me when they went down all the big water slides there. Zachary played in the kiddie area with my sister. On Friday the 4th the camp ground had a golf cart parade. It was really neat and some of the people were really creative with their designs. I did not think that I would like camping but it was really not that bad. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Now Jamie is convinced that we need an rv, but I don't know if I liked it THAT much. We were all glad to be home to Spartanburg on Saturday night.