Monday, April 28, 2008

Pump It Up

On Monday March 30th we had Zachary's birthday party at Pump It Up in Spartanburg. His actual birthdy was March 8th, but when I called to schedule the party all they had available was that. When you first arrive at the party you are forced to watch a 15 minute video about safety. I don't think they realize that 4 year olds do not understand, but we watched it anyway. Then we were off to play in the inflatables. They had one big slide, a obstacle course, and two jumpy things. They also had a rock climbing wall. The kids really had a lot of fun and got to get lots of energy out. After an hour and 1/2 of playing we were off to the party room to eat and open presents. I have to say that this was the easiest party ever on my part. When we arrived with all the stuff they just took it away and when we walked into the party room it was completely decorated and the cut the cake and served it and made a list of what Zachary got so I cound write thank you card. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Georgia Aquarium Visit

Over Spring Break we went to the Georgia Aquarium. We were originally going to the Atlanta Zoo, but it started pouring once we were in Atlanta so we changed to the aquarium. The kids really loved seeing and touching the animals. They got to touch a sting ray, shrimp, and horseshoe crabs. Their favorite animal was the beluga whales. We ate lunch and sat right in front of the beluga whale tank. After we left we got a hotel in Atlanta with an indoor pool and we let the kids swim for awhile.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Easter Morning

After checking on our cookies and getting dressed, I let the kids look at their Easter baskets before we left for church. I only got a few pictures of all the kids together in their Easter outfits. I had bought the boys something else and then when Jamie's grandmother passed away I bought them these outfits to wear to the funeral. The loved wearing the ties like daddy and wanted to wear them to church for Easter, so I let them. I can now take back their other outfits and get my money back hopefully. After church both of our families came over and ate lunch. Someone had brought us a ham for Easter after Jamie's grandmother died so we ate that and some sides. Then the kids went outside and looked for eggs with my niece Autumn and nephew Ryan.

Easter Cookies

Summer Laney sent us a recipe for Easter cookies that we decided to make. They were cookies that went along with the Easter Story. Each step in the recipe had a Bible Verse that related to what you were doing.

1. Beat pecans with a wooden spoon, representing how Jesus was beaten before he was placed on the cross.

2. Add vingear, representing how Jesus was given vinegar to drink when he was thirsy while on the cross/ The kids were asked to smell the vinegar before it was added

3. Add egg whites to mix, Eggs represent life, Jesus gave His life to give us life

4. Give each child a pinch of salt in their hand and ask them to taste it then add it to the mix, Representing the salty tears shed by Jesus' followers

5. Add sugar, Representing the sweetest part of the story that Jesus died because he loves us

6. Beat for 12-15 minutes until white, representing the purity of sins

7. Fold in nuts and spoon onto cookie sheet in mounds, each mound represents the rocky tomb where Jesus was buried

8. Put the cookies in the oven, close the door, and turn the oven off, tape the door closed, and go to bed reperesenting how Jesus' followeres where in depair when the tomb was closed

9. When you wake up in the morning open the oven and taste the cookies, the cookies are hollow on the inside to represent the empty tomb on Easter morning

Jamie's job was to look up each Bible verse and read it to up as we finished each step.

The cookies tasted okay, but more importantly it gave the kids a lesson on the true meaning of Easter. I think it helped the to better grasp what we were saying instead of just reading it out of the Bible the got to see and do each step. Thank you Summer for this wonderful recipe that will now be a yearly tradition in our house on the night before Easter.

Around the World

On Thursday March 20th Karson was in a music program with all of 2nd grade called Around the World. The sang lots of songs in several different languages. This was also the day after Jamie's grandmothers funeral. Her program was at 8:30 in the morning so we were all very tired from the emotional day before. The day before they had did the program for the whole school and she had fainted so I was very nervous. She did great and remembered not to lock her knees so she felt fine the whole time. Afterwards we went back to her class to tell her how great she did and a lot of the kids in her class were going home with their parents. I asked Karson if she wanted to leave and of course her answer was NO!! She loves school and being with her friends.

Karson got to sing a solo!!

She makes a mother proud!!

See if you can find her. Hint (second row)

Zachary's Birthday

On March 8th Zachary turned four years old. I can't believe how big he is getting. Since I couldn't schedule his party until the end of the month we decided to do something as a family on his actual birthday. We took him to Fuddruckers with Nana, Steve, Aunt G, Sam and Ryan. He picked out Power Ranger cupcakes. He got lots of Power Ranger toys and a movie. He was so glad that it was finally his day, since Karson and Andrew's birthday are in Oct and Nov and he had to wait 4 months until his birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday Zachary

Look what Nana got me!

Wow is this for me!

More presents!!


I can't believe that it has been two months since I posted last. I get so busy reading everyone elses that I don't take the time to update my own blog. Anyway I am going to try and catch it up in the next week.

Most of you know my niece Autumn. Well in Feb. she came and stayed with us for the weekend, because she was getting on her parents "nerves". They are in for a rude awakening in a few days when baby number 2 comes along. Anyway while we had her we went to Monkey Joe's again. She never gets to go anywhere so we always try and take her somewhere when we have her. She was a little nervous at first, but it didn't take her long to see how much fun it was. After we played for about 2 hours we decided to leave and go eat at Monterrey's. I love Mexican food and so do all the kids.

Autum sitting on a snail!
Karson and Autumn
Jamie and Andrew on the slide
Karson taking Autumn down the slide