Friday, January 25, 2008

Snow Day

Sorry, guys my internet has been down for several days and I finally got it up and running again last night. So here are some pictures of our Snow day last Thursday. The kids were in bed before it even started on Wed. night so they didn't get to see it coming down, but they were up bright and early Thursday looking out the window to see if it snowed. At about 7:30 am I decided that I should go ahead and let them go outside and play so that 1. they would leave me alone about when the could go outside, and 2. I knew that it was going to melt very fast because it was raining. They played out for about 45 minutes until I made them come in because they were soaking wet. I stood at the door in my house robe and watched. It was way to cold for me. In one picture you can see the tiny snowman that they built.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Monkey Joe's

On Saturday night while Jamie was at work the kids and I decided to go to Monkey Joe' in Greenville. If you've never been there it is great. It is an indoor place with lots of the blow up slides, obstacle courses, and bouncy things. My kids will play for hours there and wear themself out doing it. I took my laptop and got some much school and Awana stuff done. I sat a table the whole night and the kids just played. It couldn't have been a better night. I can't wait because we are actually getting a Monkey Joe's in Spartanburg beside Barnes & Noble.

Karson coming down the big slide

Andrew and Zachary climbing in the obstacle course

The boys coming down the big slide

Karson and Andrew with Monkey Joe

Karson having a rest and a snack

Friday, January 4, 2008


Looking back at what 2007 means to the Martin Family:

In March Zachary turned three and we had his birthday party at McDonald's. It is so hard to believe that my baby is 3. It seems like yesterday that I was crying because I didn't want to have anymore child rem. It's amazing how God knows the plans he has in store for us, even when we don't understand it at the time. Our nephew Ryan also turned one in March. Jamie and I love him like he were our own child. We love to see him come and even more love to see him go.

In May Andrew graduated from preschool. I can't believe that he will be starting big boy school.

In June we went to the happiest place on earth Disney World. We spent one week on Florida with my mom and step dad. This is the best vacation that we have ever went on. I started planning this vacation 8 months before we left and all my planning paid off. I can't wait to start planning our next vacation for 2008 to Disney again.

In July the kids and I went to the beach with my dad for 5 days. This was the first time I had ever taken the kids on my on and went somewhere over night. We had the best time. I would definitely do it again. The kids are finally getting old enough that taking all three by yourself is really not that bad.

In August Andrew started Kindergarten and Karson started 2nd grade. Karson was thrilled to finally have a nice teacher. She has had two very strict teachers her first two years at school and finally she got a very layed back easy going teacher. She will never forget Mrs. Hodge. I also started my second year teaching at AMRBC. I love teaching two year olds. I can't believe I can actually say that, but it's true.

In September, my purse was stolen out of my car in my driveway and I lost everything. Someone actually used several of my credit cards totaling over 1000.oo dollars. My digital camera was in my purse and I lost all of my Disney pictures and everything else that happened this year. It taught me a very valuable lesson, to never leave my purse in the car ever again.

In October my "baby" Karson turned 8 years old. I can't believe I have an 8 year old. We had our first sleepover at our house with 4 girls. It was so much fun, and we would do it again. She is getting bigger and smarter by the day. Sometimes she thinks she is 28 years old.

In November we went to Gatlinburg with our Sunday School Class. We look forward to this special bonding trip each year. Andrew also turned 6 this month.

Christmas Day

This is by far the most anticipated day of the year for my two older kids. They are both old enough to understand and remember all that this day entails. They were all so excited to wake up and find what gifts Santa had left this year. Karson is getting old enough that she is starting to ask for pricey items so she looked like she didn't have much compared to the boys. It kind of made me sad but she didn't seem to mind. The kids are not old enough to know to get up early so we did get to sleep until 7:30. At 11:00 Nana, Daddy's Papa, Aunt "G", Sam, and Ryan all came over to have lunch and to celebrate Christmas Day with us. We had chicken cordon blue and it was delicious. The kids got more really cool gifts and we all had fun singing karaoke. We had a wonderful Christmas together with family.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Eve with My Families

On Christmas Eve morning my dad, stepmom, sister, and brother all came over to exchange gifts. The boys got Hess trucks and remote control power ranger cars. Karson got a karoke cd and a nintendo ds game. Jamie and I got gift certificates for Pizza Inn and Shogun. My dad always knows just were we like to eat. After they left we cleaned up and got ready for my mom's family to come over. We had finger foods and desserts to eat. My grandparents, two brothers, sister in laws, and neice all came. We had lots of fun and got more great presents. It's always nice being with family on Christmas Eve. Before we put the kids to bed that night we read Twas' the Night before Christmas, put Peanut Butter balls (Santa's special request) and milk out for Santa, and feed the reindeer. The kids were almost to excited to go to bed, except for Zachary who was a little scared of Santa coming to his house. He kept saying I don't want Santa to come to my room. We finally got them down around 9:30pm. Then Santa got busy. Jamie and I finally went to bed around 12:30pm.

Santa Shop gifts

At Karson and Andrew's school they always have a Santa shop every year. It is a cheap place for kids to buy for everyone in their family all by themselves and no one knows what they have got each other. Jamie and I are always shocked and amused by some things that we have gotten over the years. Most of it we never use but we always remember how much they enjoy giving us things. This year was no exception. Jamie got a grill brush and a tool set. I got a necklace and bath stuff. They also buy gifts for each other. This is probably my favorite part about Christmas each year at our house.

Christmas Eve Eve

Here is Zachary opening his Transformers bedding. He loved it.
Andrew loved his new transformers bedding that he got from Mommy and Daddy!!!
Karson got Hannah Montana bedding. She said it is what she has always wanted. (Drama Queen)

On Sunday December 23rd, Jamie and I decided to let the kids open one present. Every year for Christmas I always buy them new comforters and sheets for their beds. This was a family tradition when I was a little girl and I just have kept it up. We always try and let them open them early because in years past we have found out that when you are getting lots of new toys, new comforters just don't mean as much. This was the only present they got to open on Sunday night and they were thrilled because it was the biggest present under out tree. I was so excited to see them be so happy over their new sheets and comforters. We had to go and put them on their bed right then. Jamie was the lucky one who got stuck with the boys bunk beds. If you have ever had to put sheets on bunk beds then you know just how lucky he was. This was probably his first and last time doing it. I got to do Karson's bed. Being the kind of person that I am, changing the sheets was not enough. I proceeded to clean out her entire room. Remember that is 7:00 at night already when I get started. Not only did I clean out I also rearranged her beds. When Jamie finally got me out of there it was nearly 9pm. We then went to bed to rest up for the next two days of activites.