Monday, February 11, 2008

Jamie's Grandma

I know some people may be offended by these pictures, but I really wanted them on here so that I would have them forever. Saturday we took the kids to Gaffney to see Jamie's grandmother. The place she is at is called Brookview and she is sharing a room with one other person. It is not as nice as the first place and she looked really bad. Jamie and I both left in tears like we do everytime that we go and see her. Zachary being only 3 has no realization of how sick she actually is, he will just climb in bed with her and lay forever, where as Karson will not even come in the room.


Rhonda Waddell said...

Those pictures aren't offensive at all...I'd be taking as many as I could!

Natalie Kellett said...

Summer, I agree with Rhonda that is not offensive by any means. You want to cherish your days with her and take many pictures. I have many pictures with my grandma when she was in the hospital. She was all jaudice from liver disease but I still look at those pics all the time and I'm glad that I have those to remember her. You and your family are in my prayers.