Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Much Fun!!

Finally Spartanburg has got a snow that we can play in. Today after church Rhonda and I decided that all the talk about snow was just that "talk" and we were going to Gaffney to go shopping. Our husbands thought we were crazy and said that they would not come and get us if we got snowed in but that was okay with us. We had a great time and left Gaffney around 4:30pm and there was actually sleet on our car. Michael kept calling and saying it was snowing here but we didn't believe him because he is always playing jokes. We made it all the way home and the minute we got off of 26 onto hwy 29 we saw the snow. It was beautiful. Michael did have to get out and drive to my house to pick up Rhonda and by the time he got here we actually had accumulation on the ground. The kids were excited so they went out to take pictures before they left to go home before it got to bad.

After we ate dinner and saw that we had several inches of snow I decided to go ahead and let the kids go outside tonight because it maybe frozen solid in the morning. This is the best snow I can remember us having in a long time. It can actually be packed and makes good snowballs and snowmen. Jamie did not realize how hard it was and threw a snowball at Karson and hit her in the eye and now I bet she has a black eye tomorrow because it is really red. Jamie and the kids built a very nice snowman and we played outside for about an hour before we were so frozen that we had to come in. I hope it is still pretty tomorrow so we can go back outside again. Gotta love Spartanburg where you get 4-5 inches of snow in March!!


Stacy said...

We didn't go out last night! We all were so excited about the snow.Even when the power went out we were happy:)

I was even more happy when we got the call that work had been canceled! I know you were too.

Rhonda said...

I think of all the 300 snow posts, you were the first!! So glad to experience snow with the Martins. ;) And sleet in Gaffney with SM too!!

Leigh said...

So glad you didn't miss a shopping expedition just because of a little snow!

You two are a riot!

Hope you never have to go up & down the ELC stairs again in your life!! {Doubt that}.

See you tomorrow!