Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2009

Every year we go to Myrtle Beach the week of July 4th with my dad and step mom. They have a camper and we all stay there and spend the week relaxing. My kids absolutely love the beach. They would spend hours playing in the waves. This year Nana bought them all a boogie board to take with them and they loved it. They spent numerous hours boogie boarding in huge waves.

Jamie also enjoyed playing with them. Me I don't really care for the ocean. I am scared of ocean animals (jellyfish) and don't like the feel of sand all over me. I spent the week laying out in the sun reading. I read 2 books while we were gone. I don't know why but it never seems to be super hot while you are laying out at the beach. The wind off of the ocean is great.

On Sunday we met Jamie's dad and his wife Dianne at Margarataville to celebrate his 60th birthday. We shopped for a litte while at Broadway at the beach and took a few pictures.

The campground we stayed at had a huge water slide that the kids and Jamie went down a few times and they also had a game called Water Wars where you got to shoot water balloons at each other.

On Thursday the campground had a Ice Cream Eating contest and an Oreo Stacking Contest. We decided to enter because what is better than free ice cream and oreos. It was so much fun. Karson came really close to winning her age group she even was eating it with her hands. Jamie won the adult age group. He ate his whole bowl in 2 bites. It was amazing! Next up was oreo stacking. I think I found a new hidden talent. We played this contest in rounds and I kept winning to advance to the next round. In the final round I came in 2nd place with 10 oreos in 5 seconds. The winner had 11. In the first few rounds we had 10 seconds and the most I had were 18. It was so fun!!

Jamie had talked all week about buying a big shovel so he could dig a hole on the beach. So we went to Wings and bought him one and on the last day we were at the beach he dug a huge hole. The tide was really high so it kept trying to come up and fill up his hole with water. He got it so deep that the kids could stand in it and you could barely see their heads. I convinced the boys to let us bury them and it was so cute. They started to panic a little when it was time to get them out because we had to dig them out. People around were looking at us like we were evil parents or something!!

The morning of July 4th my dad found a flyer at the campground that said Freestyle Music Park was having a special that for $17.76/ 4 people could go to the park. This is an awesome deal because it normally cost $35 a person and we all went and parked for $25. The kids had fun riding a few rides.

At 6pm on July 4th the campground had a huge block party out on the beach with singing, watermelon, and fireworks. The kids played in the sand the whole time and they were DIRTY!!! We had so much fun camping with my Dad and hopefully next year we will have our own camper to go in.


Stacy said...

That campground sounds better than Oceanlakes! Maybe we will have our camper then too and we can tag along:)

Tracy said...

Loooks like you guys had a blast! Miss you!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like y'all had a ball... What campground did you stay at? I have been asking for a camper for 2years now crossing my fingers one day we will get one until then I guess we will cabin or tent camp...

Summer said...

I am so jealous!! Looks like you guys had a great time!!

Rhonda said...

Stacy you'd better book it now!!! :) You know that week goes fast... Can we ride with the Martins in their new bus???
Girl, I can only wish my kids would play all day at the beach and leave me be to read books!! So jealous!
And I'm gonna have to have a little talk with you about that sandhole!!!

Sophie Morand said...

Woah, great campground! Looks like you had a great week. Beautiful pictures. But I am not very proud of you for that hole... What kind of parents are you???