Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pumpkin Carving and Trunk or Treat

Here are the kids pumpkin creations this year.
Andrew with his scary pumpkin:

Karson with the Trick or Treat pumpkin:

Every Halloween our church host a trunk or treat event where you fill your car trunk with candy and kids come thru the line to trick or treat. Every year we have about 1500 kids come thru so we have to have lots and I mean lots of candy! Our Sunday School class helps with the candy and we are always able to give several pieces to each child. It was raining this year so the church decided to hold the event in our gym. It was much better because you could actually see the kids costumes. This year the Cotheran's met up with us and they helped give out candy too. The Laney's and Nana and Aunt G also had their own tables on either side of us this year so we had a long line of kids giving out candy.

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