Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Upward Models

I find it very interesting that both of my children have been used by Upwards in their advertisements this year and last year. If you haven't noticed Karson is on the Upward signs for flag football and cheerleading that you see in peoples yards and on the side of streets. Last year she was on the same signs. Andrew is on the website, the referee books, and was in Parent Life Magazine last year. His picture is just precious of him praying. Now they both like to tell people that they are famous!!

The picture of Andrew comes directly from the Upward website and the sign of Karson I got from school today.


Leigh Theo said...

You just have beautiful children! Who wouldn't want them on their advertisements?!? Adorable!

Kim said...

You do have beautiful kids! I know you're proud! Karson is also on the card that Chick-fil-a is now putting in their bags. I have a card that I've been meaning to give you in case you hadn't seen it.

Sophie Morand said...

Your kids are really famous! I just love Andrew's picture praying.