Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Cookies

On the Monday before Christmas the kids and I made cookies for Santa and some for ourselves also! I had bought sugar cookies and frosting for us to make. I got all of the cookie cutters and stuff out and called the kids to the kitchen. The were so excited because this is the first year that I let me just have at it. I mixed all the ingredients together and let them take turns rolling it out and we cut them into all kinds of shapes. After they were baked and cooled we got out the frosting and I let them put sprinkles, m&m's, and skittles on them. Afterwards we were all covered in frosting and sprinkles from head to toe. After we finished they each had to choose one cookie to put on our santa plate.

Rolling out the dough:

Cutting the cookies out:

Ready for the oven:

Decorating the cookies:

The finished product:

Santa's cookies:


Stacy said...

Those look very yummy!!

Erin said...

Cute! Looks like they had fun!