Monday, April 6, 2009

Disney Day 2

On Sunday we got up early and went to Hollywood Studios. We got there and it started raining. We were not going to let this slow us down so we put on our ponchos and off we went. We sprinted with the crowd over to Toy Story Mania. After this we got out of the rain and watched The Little Mermaid. We had planned on leaving early but decided to stay since the park was empty because of the heavy rain.
We met Lightning McQueen!!
Family Picture in front of the hat!!
Waiting to watch the Light, Motor, Action Show!
All the kids waiting to watch the Muppets 3D show.
We ate and early lunch and saw lots of indoor shows. After the rain slowed down we rode( I should say they rode, Jamie, SL, Stacy, Cory, Brandon, Kain, Brynn, and Zoe) Tower of Terror. I do not ride anything that falls. This is not for me. I think Brynn was terrified and was scared of every ride for the rest of the trip. We tried to ride Rockin Rollercoaster but the line was very long. For dinner we had Mama Melrose's, a great Italian place. We had planned on staying for Fantasmic but decided to leave and let the kids swim for awhile. The water at the pool was very cold. The kids did not seem to mind even though their lips were blue. They all really loved the water slide, even the grown ups!!



Stacy said...

When you said "Even the grown ups" I got worried my picture was on!

Tracy said...

You guys crack me up! So glad you had a great time!