Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disney Day 5

On Wednesday we were geared up to have our first day at the Magic Kingdom. We arrived around 8:20 and waited on the opening show to begin. I told everyone they had to run to be the first group on Dumbo. This is my favorite park because you can get so much done especially if you do it right, but if you slow down just for a second you can be in really long and hot lines. Jamie, me and our 3 kids ran like always and we were the second group to get on Dumbo. The others didn't run quite as fast so they were a couple of groups behind us. I do not like to wait, because all I can think of is all the other lines are getting longer as I stand there, so Jamie and I went ahead and did all of Fantasy Land by ourselves, with our kiddos of course.

At 10am we headed over to ToonTown to ride the Barnstormer and tried to meet the princesses. The line was already and hour long so we skipped that for now. We then got on the train and rode over to Splash Mountain and got a fast pass for it. Afterwards we rode Pirates of the Carribean and the Magic Carpets of Aladdin before we headed to lunch at the Crystal Palace. This was a character buffet were we got to meet Pooh,
Piglet, Tigger ,
and Eeyore.These kind of restaurants are lots of fun but very stressful, because you are afraid if you get up you might miss a character and they only come around once during your meal time. We had 3 families of course and the characters do not speak so the don't understand that we are not all together and we would like seperate pictures. This was a mess and by the last day Brandon said that he was done with the characters!! After lunch we talked Corey into riding Splash Mountain. He had never rode before because he doesn't like to walk around in wet clothes and I told him we rode last year and didn't get very wet. So the boys went first and they came back soaked. Corey was very upset to say the least but to top it off the girls went next and we came back with barely a drop of water on us. Then it started to rain!! We had planned on leaving but decided since we were wet and now it was raining and eveyone else would be leaving that we would just stay. So we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Buzz Lightyear. We went back to see how long it was to meet the princesses and it was only 15 minutes so we stayed.

The fairy line was still 75 minutes which we thought was crazy until a photographer said it was so worth it because you got shrunk to the size of Tinkerbell. We all decided then that we had to find out how they did this on Friday. After dinner we went to watch the Laugh Floor and we all made it on the camera with jokes under our pictures. We were laughing so hard!! We finally decided to go and find a spot to watch Wishes the firework show where Tinkerbell flies from the castle. We found a great spot in a restaurant with seats to sit in. All the kids and adults loved the show especially Tinkerbell. We decided that on Friday no matter how long the wait was we were going to meet her!!The Castle at night!

Tinkerbell is the tiny green dot you see between the castle and the white roof. Amazingly she was a real person!!
Wow, the fireworks over the castle were beautiful!!


Kelly said...

Ok, I've read all your Disney posts so far, and now I'm DYING to take my kids!!!
It HAS to be the happiest place on earth because even your hubby was smiling in the pictures! hee hee!
Can you give me a ballpark figure of how much it cost yall? I know we'd have to save FOREVER to go!

Tracy said...

I get a little stressed reading about you going form here to there and back ad forth! Whew! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

I think you should be a travel guide for Disney! You have everything together and know your Disney business!!!! Seeing all the fun makes me want to go back really bad. Thanks for sharing the fun with us. Joye Hall

Sophie Morand said...

I love the pic with the 3 families.

Jennifer said...

I am with Tracy and Joye, I am worn out with going here and there and the times of waiting but girl you got it going on so when we go we need a schedule from you... Love all the pics...

Rhonda said...

Love all the pictures!! They're beautiful!! And I love the one with Sleeping Booty! ;)