Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Day

This is by far the most anticipated day of the year for my two older kids. They are both old enough to understand and remember all that this day entails. They were all so excited to wake up and find what gifts Santa had left this year. Karson is getting old enough that she is starting to ask for pricey items so she looked like she didn't have much compared to the boys. It kind of made me sad but she didn't seem to mind. The kids are not old enough to know to get up early so we did get to sleep until 7:30. At 11:00 Nana, Daddy's Papa, Aunt "G", Sam, and Ryan all came over to have lunch and to celebrate Christmas Day with us. We had chicken cordon blue and it was delicious. The kids got more really cool gifts and we all had fun singing karaoke. We had a wonderful Christmas together with family.

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