Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

Here is Zachary opening his Transformers bedding. He loved it.
Andrew loved his new transformers bedding that he got from Mommy and Daddy!!!
Karson got Hannah Montana bedding. She said it is what she has always wanted. (Drama Queen)

On Sunday December 23rd, Jamie and I decided to let the kids open one present. Every year for Christmas I always buy them new comforters and sheets for their beds. This was a family tradition when I was a little girl and I just have kept it up. We always try and let them open them early because in years past we have found out that when you are getting lots of new toys, new comforters just don't mean as much. This was the only present they got to open on Sunday night and they were thrilled because it was the biggest present under out tree. I was so excited to see them be so happy over their new sheets and comforters. We had to go and put them on their bed right then. Jamie was the lucky one who got stuck with the boys bunk beds. If you have ever had to put sheets on bunk beds then you know just how lucky he was. This was probably his first and last time doing it. I got to do Karson's bed. Being the kind of person that I am, changing the sheets was not enough. I proceeded to clean out her entire room. Remember that is 7:00 at night already when I get started. Not only did I clean out I also rearranged her beds. When Jamie finally got me out of there it was nearly 9pm. We then went to bed to rest up for the next two days of activites.

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