Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Around the World

On Thursday March 20th Karson was in a music program with all of 2nd grade called Around the World. The sang lots of songs in several different languages. This was also the day after Jamie's grandmothers funeral. Her program was at 8:30 in the morning so we were all very tired from the emotional day before. The day before they had did the program for the whole school and she had fainted so I was very nervous. She did great and remembered not to lock her knees so she felt fine the whole time. Afterwards we went back to her class to tell her how great she did and a lot of the kids in her class were going home with their parents. I asked Karson if she wanted to leave and of course her answer was NO!! She loves school and being with her friends.

Karson got to sing a solo!!

She makes a mother proud!!

See if you can find her. Hint (second row)

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Summer Laney said...

I can't believe they sang songs in different languages! I also didn't realize Karson fainted!