Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Easter Morning

After checking on our cookies and getting dressed, I let the kids look at their Easter baskets before we left for church. I only got a few pictures of all the kids together in their Easter outfits. I had bought the boys something else and then when Jamie's grandmother passed away I bought them these outfits to wear to the funeral. The loved wearing the ties like daddy and wanted to wear them to church for Easter, so I let them. I can now take back their other outfits and get my money back hopefully. After church both of our families came over and ate lunch. Someone had brought us a ham for Easter after Jamie's grandmother died so we ate that and some sides. Then the kids went outside and looked for eggs with my niece Autumn and nephew Ryan.


Rhonda Waddell said...

Love all your posts...thought I'd just comment on one about all of them. :)
Easter pictures are precious...I wish I had one of all mine together. I wish we had done the cookies...we definitely will next year!
I bet Karson was great in her program...I'd be so proud too!!
And Happy Birthday Zachary!! We loved your party!! :)

Summer Laney said...

Unlike Rhonda I will comment on each one as I read them. The kids pitures were good, I especially liked the one of you and Jamie. That Andrew loves the Spiderman costume. I bet he would wear it everyday if you would let him.

Natalie Kellett said...

Yeah. your back. Love the easter pics and their outfits. the guys look very handsome in their ties. I hope Zachary's rash is getting better.