Saturday, August 2, 2008


Hey guys, we are just sitting in the airport and I thought that I would post these pictures of the kids wearing their first shirts of the week. We have already gotten lots of comments on our shirts and the kids especially Karson are really embarressed. Everything so fas has been very smooth and the kids are quietly playing their nintendo ds games. We are all excited and just can't wait to get on the plane and in the air. Our flight doesn't leave GSP until 2:15, so wish us luck and I will update again as soon as I can.


Summer Laney said...

I can't believe you have already posted !!

The shirts look good.

Hope the flight goes well! I know the kids will do fine (they have plenty to do on the flight). I can't imagine how many times Zachary will have to go to the bathroom:)

Hope you guys have a GREAT time!!!

Sophie Morand said...

Hi Summer, I hope the flight went well. I thought you wanted to know who will be Zachary's teacher this year... Me! Jill offered me the position yesterday and I accepted it. I am excited and I can not wait till back to school. But right now, just enjoy your vacations! Take a lot of pictures, you know I am addicted to your blog and please tell Karson that she is beautiful in her yellow shirt.