Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disney Day 6

Today we were up early to head back to the Magic Kingdom. There is just so much to do at this park that you have to have two full days here to get it all done. We were first in line to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride which the kids loved and then when we came out we got to meet Stitch. After that we headed over to try and meet the princesses. There is always such a long line to meet them that we were trying to arrive right when they opened. It was great because we only waited like 10 minutes and we got to see Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Belle.

After we meet all the princesses we rode the Goofy rollercoaster and went to ride Peter Pan again. It was only about 10:30 and the kids were getting hungry so we took a few pictures in front of the castle and Jamie ran over to one of our favorite restaurants from last year to see if we could get in right at 11.
The had one reservation left right at 11 and your whole party had to be there, so the kids and I ran to meet him. We ate at the Plaza Restaurant which is a sandwich and milkshake type of place. While we were eating it came up a huge thunderstorm. I mean pouring down rain and thunder and lightning. The kids were terrified and we were thankful that we were safely inside. I have never seen so many people try and squeeze under a covered walkway in all my life. At one point Karson had to go to the restroom and the only one was outside, and I thought we would never get through all the people seeking shelter under the covered walkway. Anyway lunch was great and by the time we were done it had finished raining and the sun was coming out again. We were headed back to our hotel to swim and wash clothes. When we got outside of the restaurant to find our stroller we realized that it had gotten soaked and wet. We had to pour the water off of it the best we could and head for the bus stop. On our way out we stopped to meet Jimmey Cricket, I had never seen him before at Disney. After our short rest we rode a boat to Downtown Disney for some shopping and dinner. For dinner we had Earl of Sandwich and it was delicious. While we were shopping in a huge toy store it came up another big thunderstorma and the store got so crowded that you couldn't even move. The boys made light sabers in the store and loved it.

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Sophie Morand said...

That is amazing, you did everything. I guess you were tired when you came back!