Saturday, September 6, 2008

I discovered a new talent!!

With tomorrow being Grandparent's Day and Monday being Jamie's grandmother's birthday we decided that we needed to get some flowers to go on her grave. For those of you who don't know Jamie's grandmother who lived with us and we took care of for three years passed away in March after having a very serious stroke. Anyway on the way home from eating dinner tonight we went by the graveyard and Zachary wanted to stop at Grandma's "cradle", (that is what he calls her grave), so we did. We we got there he wanted to know when we could bring her some flowers, and we said maybe tomorrow. We then went to Hobby Lobby to see if we could find a pretty arrangement to put on her grave. She doesn't have a headstone yet so there is no flower holder. While we were at Hobby Lobby all the premade arrangements were so expensive that I decided I would try and arrange my own thing. I have never attempted anything like this before so I was clueless, but for $18 dollars you have to see what I made. Jamie and I were both shocked at how good it looked. I am now thinking I should make a center piece for my table. What do you think?


Summer Laney said...

That looks so good!!!

I completely forgot it was Grandparent's Day. I guess we will have to make something and give it to them tomorrow.

Stacy said...

That does look really good.Plus it saved you alot of money.I had totally forgot about Grandparents Day ,untilthe next day.