Saturday, September 6, 2008

Disney Day 7

I can't believe we have been back three weeks and I have not finished my Disney post. The day after we got home I helped my two friends with the consignment sale at our church, and then the next week I went back to work.So here is my final Disney post because I have to start preparing for our next trip Spring Break 09!!

This was our last day at Disney and we were all exhausted. We had a lot scheduled today and we decided last night that we were probably not going to do all that we had originally planned to. We had breakfast reservations at one of our favorite places Chef Mickey's. The kids had been talking about eating with Mickey all week. The also were excited about riding the monorail to get to the restaurant. Our reservation was not until 10am so we got to sleep in a little while longer than the rest of the week. During breakfast they play a song and all the characters and kids get to twirl their napkins in the air.
All the characters come around to your table for pictures, but this is a buffet type place so we would run to the buffet and run back so that we would not miss any characters.

After breakfast we rode on the monorail for awhile because the kids loved it. After we got back to our room we let the kids choose to go swimming all afternoon, or go back to Magic Kingdom and watch the night time parade and fireworks show. The vote was unanimous for staying and swimming at the hotel. I packed up all of our luggage while the kids watched tv and then we headed to the pool.

I was so happy that they choose to stay even though the parade was my favorite part last year. I was pooped!!!

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