Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Early Christmas Present

I got my Christmas present today. I am so excited!! For years Jamie and I have both wanted a really good camera to take pictures of the kids with. Jamie has been researching cameras for the past few weeks and finally found the one he wanted to buy me. So this morning we got up and he said we needed to go to Circuit City, he had found a great deal on a Nikon D40. I was so excited. I have been playing all afternoon with it. I can't wait to use if for real tomorrow at our Thanksgiving dinners. Now I have to think of something equally as great to get him for Christmas:)

A big thank you to the greatest HUSBAND in the whole world!!!


Natalie Kellett said...

oooo I love it. I am looking for a new camera. I really like that one. youll have to keep me posted on how well it works!!

Stacy C. said...

You are gonna love even more after you use it!!! Congrats on your new camera!!!

Summer Laney said...


Tracy said...

So jealous! But happy for you!
Who knew? Another comment!