Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I have been up since 7am cooking sweet potato casserole. This is my speciality every year for our family dinners. We will be traveling to Duncan around 1pm to have lunch with Aunt G and then around 6pm going to my grandparents to eat lots of turkey and dressing. I can't wait to take pictures with my new camera and I will share them with you later today!!

Rhonda, Summer L. and I will be going standing in line at ToyRUs at 2am in the morning freezing to death, so remember us while you are sleeping in your nice warm bed tonight.


Summer Laney said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You better get a nap in sometime today! I can't wait to go shopping!!

Leigh Theo said...

Okay, I must ask...why 2am?? What time does TRU open?? I'm not a Black Friday kinda gal, so I'm not up on all the opening times and deals and such...PLEASE fill me in!

You girls are KUH-RAY-ZAY!!

Have fun!
Leigh :)

Jennifer said...

So, can I just give y'all my TRU list and y'all get it while y'all are there??? LOL... We might make it by there but at 2am we will probably be at the Prime Oulets or at Waffle HOuse... Y'all have fun maybe we will see y'all.. Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping..

Stacy C. said...

Hope you got what u were waitin for. The Jonas Brothers r doing a book signing to day at 4 pm. Well yesterday at 3pm people were already lined up!!!! And people were in line at Best Buy at 4!!!!

The kids were front row for the parade!!!!

Tracy said...

Look! I am leaving a comment! Happy Thanksgiving! Did you end up getting a you-know-what for the kids?