Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!!

Last night before we went to bed I heard on the news that we may have snow during the night. I didn't really think it would happen because in the south we never get snow when they say we are going to. When Jamie came home around 1am he woke me up and said it was snowing. Around 3am when he went to bed he said that it had quit and that nothing had been posted about school yet. When my alarm went off at 5:45am I immediatly looked outside and I couldn't see the road in front of my house and I knew there would be no school. That's all it takes around here to shut the entire city down for a day. I turned on the tv and my prediction was correct and school was cancelled. I went back to bed and around 8am my kids come and wake me up and to say that there is no school because it has snowed outside and they want to go out! I got up and got them all dressed in their warm clothes and sent them out to play.

I stood at the door and took my pictures because it was way to cold for me!! After they came in I fixed them hot cocoa and they had warm showers. We did not go anywhere today!! We stayed inside and enjoyed our snow day!! If I had not gone to Gatlinburg this weekend I would have been ready to pull my hair out by now because they have been out of school since Thursday at 11am!! Back to work and school tomorrow!!


Stacy said...

Yes,That is why I am so ready to take them to school this morning!!!

Jennifer said...

LOL you sound like me standing inside taking pics. I love to look at the snow but I don't care to be in the cold. We are going to Gatlinburg in Feb and I really and praying it is not as cold as it was when y'all went.

Susan said...

Don't tell Palmer how much fun your kids had in the snow! :) She misses you too!