Tuesday, June 2, 2009

K4 Graduation

My baby graduated from K4 this year. I am so sad!! I can't believe that I no longer have a preschooler. I didn't get as emotional during the graduation ceremony as I thought I would but it was sad never the less. I think in August when he starts kindergarten is when it will finally sink in that he is no longer going to school with me everyday.

The night of his program he was so excited because everyone was coming to watch him. He was especially excited because Brynn was coming.
He said that he had to sing very good for her. He sang every song and smiled from ear to ear. My favorite song they sang was I wish I had a little red box to put my mommy in, I'd take her out and KISS KISS KISS and put her back again. That little song just makes me smile everytime I hear it. Ms. Laura does such a great job teaching the kids music that they like!!

Singing the bumblee bee song

Saying the Lord's Prayer

After they sang some songs they played a slide show of memories of the year while the kids changed into their gowns.

Zachary & Clay

They then came back on the stage and received their diplomas.

Anderson Mill Rd Early Learning Center K4 and K5 graduation

Afterwards we went back to their classrooms and took a few pictures in the cap and gown.

Zachary and Ms. Sophie

Zachary & Daddy

Zachary & Mommy

Braeden, Brycen, Zachary, and Jake

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Alicia W. said...

Your blog title is hilarious and your kids are precious. :)