Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Andrew's Tooth

Last week Andrew came home from school and said that his top tooth had been hurting and bleeding all day at school. When I looked at it I could tell that one side of it was just hanging and the other side was attached still. I wiggled and he screamed for about 20 minutes and it wouldn't budge. It was still just hanging there. I called the dentist and they said that they could see me the next day at noon. When we got there they ended up pulling both of his top front teeth. It was a major ordeal but I am glad I didn't have to do it. He is my first child to have both of his front teeth missing at the same time and I love it. It is just so cute!!


Stacy said...

He is very cute with his missing 2 front teeth:)

Tracy said...

Too cute!

Leigh said...

So adorable!! Too bad it isn't closer to Christmas; he could be singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!!"