Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Awards Day

On Monday Andrew's class had an Awards Day Presentation in their classroom. Jamie and I were both able to go. He is always so excited to have us come to his school. He recieved an award for having All A's & B's all year long. He also recieved an award for having Perfect Attendance this school year. I can't believe we didn't miss a day of school all year long. There were many days that he said that he didn't feel well but I sent him to school and he was always fine as soon as school was over. His teacher this year was so nice and had some great things to say about him. She said that he was a great reader and worked hard when giving a task to keep him busy. He has came along way this year with his reading and we are so proud of him. Keep up the good work!!

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Stacy said...

Great job Andrew!!!!